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  • Our Blue mini floral liberty print with classic blue and grey badge is made from:


    • A blue Liberty print mini floral cotton ring
    • Classic blue number or letter of your choice
    • Classic blue and heather grey felt tails of 100% wool felt
    • Organic cotton twill circle backing
    • Metal Lobster Clasp Pin


    Badge measures approximately 8 x 4.5 inches   


    Handmade with the highest quality natural fabric this keepsake birthday badge is designed to help mark one of the most important days of the year on the kid calendar. Inspired by a classic prize ribbon, the clean and timeless design makes them perfect for wearing, photographing, and displaying year round.

    Responsibly made in our home studio in Ontario, Canada.

    Each badge is unique and may vary slightly from the listing photograph. 

    The badges are not toys and have a clasp pin on the back; please supervise small children.

    Blue Mini Floral Liberty Print Classic Blue and Grey

    • Each badge comes packaged for gifting with a card and space to hand write the recipient's name.We are discontinuing our poly sleeve packaging for 2024 and will carefully package your badge plastic free.  

      If you're sending it as a gift, we're happy to write in a personalized message on your behalf. Message us or leave a note at checkout.

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